Sunday, December 21, 2008

Entry from Calgary Canada.

Letters from the road…

It’s strangely comfortable out on here in Calgary.  It’s sort of like a mix between Maine and Miami.  There’s so much wide open space out here.  It’s supposed to be mostly cowboy country so that’s to be expected but it’s also snowy everyday.  From what I’ve learned, there’s something called a Chinook that sometimes passes through this area, a warm front that comes through and melts all the snow and warms the place between snowfalls.  Amazing.  I hoped to see one but the way the weather forecast looks, I don’t think it will be getting that much warmer before I leave.  Strangely enough, for –22 or so Celcius, it feels quite warm, it’s probably just my strange pseudo (or real) hyperthyroidism that’s keeping me warm outside.  I’m really enjoying my time out here in the boonies so far but I must say, I miss my truck.  I’m driving around a little Toyota Yaris and the first night, I had to try to remember how I drove my old Honda Civic out in the snow, much less in a blizzard.  It was fun though but I’d rather have four wheel drive any day.  Surprisingly enough, I haven’t taken too many pictures.  There’s just not that much to see and Doris has been sort of camera shy.  Too bad, she’s just so gosh darn cute.  Maybe I should insist.  Ah well, we’ll see.  

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