Thursday, September 23, 2010

Strange Path Crossings

Have you ever been in a place where it seems that the goal of your life was just out of reach, where you had to settle for something just a little bit less than what you had intended, and you find it brings you no joy. It seems always like someone else is living your life and that you are living someone else's, but not your own. It's quite depressing, you feel trapped, walled in! And, it seems no amount of prayer, wishing, or work can get you out of this position. You try to break free over the years by earning degrees, volunteering, going in this direction, going in that direction, but the results are always the same. Your true goal is never reached. You feel like you want to run away, maybe even worse. But, there is no escape. You wish there was a way to reach your goal, but the world has not made a way for you. You keep waiting but it is the world that is behind the times. It is just too bad that you are the victim of the world.

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