Monday, March 7, 2011

Should I get and iPad2?

Here's an email that was sent to me asking about the new iPad 2. I thought I'd post it up for anyone else who might have the same questions.

Yep, trying to thaw out but Chicago is still cold and snowy.

I hope you're doing well, can't be that cold in the middle of the east coast.

Sure, I can answer some questions for ya.

I'll post some answers after your questions ...

Hi Ken,

I hope you're doing well and thawing out from the winter's cold.

I'm thinking about getting the IPad 2 and remember you're a big fan of the IPad.

So a few questions:

1. Are you going to buy the 2 and do a review? If yes, let me know when/where to find the review.

On a more personal level, my goal is to use the IPad for travel to check emails, read newspapers and magazine articles and surf the web and watch the occasional movie. I will not be using it for business, to play games, or to store music or photos. I will upgrade to a new PC for these purposes when my old one blows up. I'm pretty much prefer the IPad over the Xoom just because I want to look young and cool. Given these:

Answer: Right now, the xoom is just too overpriced anyway. I thought the ipad was overpriced, not compared to the xoom. :)
You'll end up playing games on it. Everyone does. ha ha, I have a bunch on there now but the nice thing is they're all free. :)
This time around, I'm planning to sit out unless i can get rid of my original ipad. There's talk an ipad 3 is coming in September though. How realistic is that, not sure ...

2. Should I upgrading to 32G for an extra $100 since my current storage needs aren't great?

Answer: It depends, I got into audiobooks and podcasts and bringing my Tivo programming with me on my daily travels. If you're going to do that, you might run out of space with a 16. I'm juggling every friday to bring what i want to have over the weekend with me for those times I'm out and bored. On a side note, I don't carry any music. I usually use the Slacker app for that. Slacker is a music cache service where u can bring saved music channels. They have an online component too, try it :) it's like pandora but better.

3. I'm stuck with my Andriod phone for another year an a half. Should I still upgrade to the 32G with 3G model for an another $129 (or there abouts, or $229 over the base model) in case I switch over to an IPhone after my current contract expires?

Answer: Does your android have the hotspot feature? With that and a good plan, you don't need the 3G. I got the wifi version and have never needed 3G. I do have an iphone4 though and it picks up the slack when I'm outdoors away from wifi. I've gotten use to using them both at the same time, they complement each other nicely.

4. What advantage is there to upgrade to 3G? Are there many places where WiFi isn't available where a normal person would go to?

Answer: Almost all wifi is protected now so pretty much if you think you'll have a hard time finding a coffee shop or airport or other place with wifi, 3G is good to "think about" but maybe not buy until you really think about your need. You mentioned you already have an android, they probably forced you to get a data plan and they won't let you off of it.

5. Can I add on additional memory or 3G capability down the road without having to buy a new IPad?

Answer: No. Why? Steve Jobs says so.

6. Any clues as to when the IPad 3 will come out and what extras it'll have? (One thing glaringly missing is a disk drive or port to an external drive to copy in music and movies. Did I read there was a flash port for this?) In other words, should I just upgrade to a new laptop for now and wait for the IPad 3 to come out?

Answer: For something even more expensive, I would get the apple air 11 inch version if I had a choice but that is seriously overpriced and actually isn't as helpful when out and about unless they are able to start using apps from the apple store (which i think they are working on or may have already released (i don't have an apple computer but that's what I heard a few months ago))

7. Will I really look cool and young with an IPad or do I have to start incorporating "dude" in my daily conversation and listening to rap?

Dude, you don't listen to rap? J/k, don't bother ha ha, that's not worth it ha ha. Why? Almost everything is young and cool now. Computers are copying the Air and the tablets are copying the iPad. You won't be able to avoid the cool factor :) If you get something unexpected, you'll just be an outsider and what's cooler than that!?

I don't need answers right away. I'm not about to camp out in front of an Apple store so I can get one right away. Thanks for all your advice.

Addition: No Problem, I think many people are thinking about this right now, I might just post this on my blog for anyone else, minus names though. Have a great week!

It looks like there's no pre-order so if you get the urge, lines may start Thursday ! :) or before :) crazy people. I walked in the Sunday after the release of the ipad 1 though and had no probs just picking it up and leaving. Hopefully it will be the same for you.

See ya!

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