Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fitbit update ...

A reader asked if I have hit the tipping point yet exercising with the Fitbit.  Here was my answer:

Everyone is different of course, for me, i don't know if I have hit a tipping point yet because I haven't lost any weight but the difference is I feel great!  I'm just a little overweight, maybe 10 pounds, but for the last year before i started exercising, I felt like a slug, always heavy and slow.

I moved back to NY from Chicago and decided not to continue, with a move back home, it was time to make some changes.  I started running (really just walking), and now I run about 75% of my 3 to 5 mile treks every day (You just have to squeeze it into your schedule, exercise is that important).  Also, it only lasts a little over an hour now, so as you get healthier, your runs (should you choose to do that) will shorten.

Now, I am with my fiancee in Pennsylvania for a few weeks and we are out in corn country.  Lots of cars and no sidewalks - I bring this up because of the walking and running in NY, I can run a lot longer here where I think is quite dangerous bc of the no sidewalks environment.  I want to get on and off the main roads quickly.

Anyway, main point, I do not feel like a slug any longer and I can run a pretty good distance ... still improving too!  Have i hit a tipping point?  Probably not, but I feel great and that's another thing that's important.  So don't give up, the tipping will come but enjoy just getting healthy.

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