Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I took a little time out to reply to an article I read on the SparkMinute by David Spark:

There's a little problem with time saving.  I used to want to save so much time, in fact, I still have lots of things that I need to do everyday.  Not that I have to do but need to (therefor some of it can get pushed for the next day).

I found very early that once I filled up all my time, I became burnt out and exhausted.  Especially with living in NY and driving some places and MTA'ing it to others, not to mention walking.  It takes a while.  One of my biggest complaints since I was a kid here.  Because of that, you fall behind and are always in a rush. 

When you're tired as well, sometimes you need that break.  Like right now, I'm reading your article and typing a response because it helps me feel more relaxed.  I should be doing something else :)  

I would add that although everyone wants to be the most productive they can be, Sometimes, it's a detriment if you don't take that time out to relax when you can.  But, worthy to note, we shouldn't fall into the trap of stretching out that down time so it gets to be too long.  

I would much rather see an article on how to save time by getting back on track after a break (or after lunch from a food coma while I'm thinking about it) rather than just saving time.  

I guess you can see my problem, I need better ways to transition back to work after a break ... I just had 10 minutes of lost productivity ha ha. 

In all seriousness though, I do a lot of what you have said here already.  I does work and would like to think I'm pretty productive.

Anyone have any advice on how to transition better out of breaks? 

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