Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lebron, Who the Heck is Lebron?

I saw this WPIX news report the other night when I was in New York and I
just had to rebroadcast or re-tweet this awesome clip. It has to do with all
this crazy Lebron stuff. I can't believe the country is making such a big
deal out of this guy. It's really aggravating and really gets the New Yorker
rising out of me. So, I never saw this guy on the news before but his name
is Lionel, he basically said everything I wanted to say. We're making way
too much of this guy and he doesn't deserve it. Just look at ESPN today, and
how they pandered for his love. That's so appalling! So if you hate Lebron
as much as I do, sit back and relax, Lionel is going to tell you how it
should be. All except for the Knicks stuff at the end, I'm a Nets fan, after
all, they are moving to Brooklyn.

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