Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where Is The World?

I woke up this morning and I felt that I had to say something about the situation with all the floods in Pakistan. I've been watching all the news programs the last few days and it boggles my mind! Why is it that the response to the Pakistani flood seems to be so low?

Pakistan is an important partner to United States. Right now, we depend on them to help us in the "fight against terror." Whether we believe what the president of Pakistan says, that terrorism simply passes through his country and does not originate there, or we think that's a total lie, it does not give the world the right to withhold help in a natural disaster.

Maybe we're all getting numb to all the natural disasters going on in the world today. We've had many, and the news comes out so fast, sometimes it feels like we've been helping every body! The soon to be disaster in Moscow comes to mind as another.

Maybe the reason is because the president of Pakistan himself doesn't seem to give a dang about what's going on in his own country. He states, that's the prime minister's job, and he is doing it. In the meantime, thousands if not more people are starting to succumb to hunger, disease, and death. The people on the news are calling out for help! Unless I've been blind or on the wrong channel, I haven't seen any response from anyone.

Perhaps the reason is one of the saddest of them all. Many people perceive Pakistan as an extremist Muslim country. I would venture to say that is only a miniscule amount of the population. In case you didn't know, there are Christians there too as well as Buddhists, and even the occasional atheist. I hope the reason is not discrimination or fear.

I'll admit, I may have more of a connection to Pakistan because two of my best friends in college were Pakistani. We were like brothers, and it pains me to think that some of the people that we see on TV could be living like their family members could be living right now. I just want to place this situation higher in the American hearts and minds than it seems to be right now.

People are people everywhere. On this world, in my opinion, religion or ethnicity should matter less than the value most of us give it now. We should hold each other as valuable. The world seems to be getting worse and worse, falling apart. We don't need to help it. That's my two cents.

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