Friday, December 10, 2010

My response to a Pogue response to one of his followers wishing for a data rollover plan

Original Nytimes post:

I think that's a great idea but there is one problem, after the change in data plans and prices a while back, I wonder how many people are actually staying underneath the cap, has anybody done a study of that yet? On my most conservative month, I just overtake two gigs of usage. On an average month, I use about 3.5 gigs. Both these scenarios overtake AT&T's current two gig pro plan, thank goodness I'm still on the old unlimited plan. So although a rollover data plan is a good idea, does anyone actually come under the limit anymore to save anything? If people are like me, AT&T must be reaping a fortune right now over new subscribers. Also, take into account that android phones use even more data than iPhones. I am very interested to see how these plans are working out for customers.

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