Thursday, December 17, 2009

More ATT News, my response to article on Engadget

This was my response to Engadget Article:
AT&T to offer 'incentives' to customers willing to limit data usage

I'm taking this question VERY seriously.

I have a suggestion for those who are like me who use ATT DSL as well as the mobile phone service. They should give those with DSL the DSL for free if we use wifi whenever at home or whenever we can.

There's probably no way to really track this unless they keep track of data usage on each customer's bill or some other way but every time I am at home I switch to Wifi because it's faster and when I am at friend's or cafes I use wifi as well because I know the Iphone will memorize the codes and places and my battery will last longer. It's a convenience for me since I only have to set it up once.

I have noticed though that I have used just over a gig of bandwidth since September to December the way I do things, but since I've been on vacation this week and had to switch exclusively to 3G to get all my podcasts, videos, music, etc, I am over 1.5 Gigs in 4 days (mostly twice a day to get all the new episodes in the morning and evening).

I see how ATT's system can get rocked now so easily when bandwidth like that is used up. It's so easy. I feel kinda bad about using so much but I am not at home and I'm where Wifi isn't available. That kinda thing is unavoidable sometimes though. I'd say, think of the bandwidth like electricity at home, just be conscious of it and turn it off when you're not using it (I mean go to wifi). I don't see that it's that hard.

I also want to +1 though for the idea that ATT spread their woes out with other companies, if they can't support us for everyday activities, they should let us switch companies for free.

When they talk about ways to get us to use less data, they have already broken their promise to us for unlimited data that we signed up for and they said they would (not could) provide. That means we honestly owe them nothing and they will probably screw us.

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