Thursday, December 10, 2009

My response to AT&T article in the Chicago Tribune


Response to article:

Tighter controls on wireless data usage coming for iPhones and other devices, AT&T exec warns

Their service is going downhill but it's not because of users, it's because of equipment they own.

In Chicago, I have gone from perfect crystal clear iphone service to (after November 18th for whatever reason) hit or miss, drop call, 3G loss all over the city. So far all the ATT technical support ppl have admitted that they have wide ranging tower problems right now and "degraded" service on all towers (whatever that means). They are also working on some kind of project that will keep a percentage of the towers offline until sometime in January.

On their behalf, I would say they assured me that they are getting more repeaters out there in Chicago to pick up the slack and they have already done that in San Francisco (confirmed). Service has been a lot better in the last week (going up from unusable) but still not what it was from before Nov 18th when I found every call I made dropped.

The Iphone and smart phones (most of them) were made for internet, music, AND video. I see "tighter controls on those who watch video" as a serious threat to business and what the phones were made for. I and many others keep up with news, stocks, and entertainment using internet AND video. It's the 21st century! Video is required and makes us better businessmen and knowledgeable ppl. Especially when on the road, driving or riding mass transit, it's much easier to listen and watch than to read.

I try to use Wifi whenever it's available and I think all users should look for that to lighten the load but AT&T, you need to shape up! If you keep selling devices you can't support, you should lower your service rates! You have the highest prices on mobile internet connectivity, you should be giving us the service to match!

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