Sunday, February 21, 2010

Add a customized mp3 ringtone to your Iphone!

Someone from Walyou asked about how to change ring tones and UI sounds on the jailbroken Iphone. I thought I'd post them here in case anyone else needed them.

For Ringtones:
You DO NOT need a jailbroken Iphone:

I would first select an mp3, use something like Toneshop because it's easy and free - there are others out there as well - to clip the mp3 to 30 seconds or less. I think that's max.

Then, go back into Itunes, import and right click on the audio file you created and convert it to AAC.

When you see the new file, right click and go to "show in windows explorer."
It's an .m4a file, rename that to .m4r

It should appear in the ringtones folder. If not, drag the file to ringtones. There you have it, a new customized ringtone.

I'll post another blog later about changing UI sounds, I have to head out.

Have a great day out there in internet land! :)

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