Thursday, February 18, 2010

We need to do something about Apple.

My response to a jailbreak Iphone blog online at
Picture of the "Bad Apple" from:

Thanks Ant,

That's great news! I'm glad it worked for you. That method hasn't worked for everyone but I doubt people have thought of erasing their backups or even want to if they have hundreds of apps like me :) But anything is worth a jb. I'm taking pics of all my apps now so I can find them again just in case little by little.

I know that I plan on trying the shift bypass if I have to before any connection to apple for restore or anything like that. I hope that if I ever have to restore during this time, that will help. Now I have another method to try thanks to you. Thanks. Others if they can should try this too and let us know how it works.

I know Geohot must be totally overwhelmed by the ungrateful and that might be what is making him avoid doing another jb (I can only speculate from past posts) but I hope that he and other devs who have the skill realize they are doing this for the good of the community over those loudmouths that seem to think they are entitled to the resources of developers just because they wrote a break once.

The truth is that Apple is a very closed company, they want to give it to you THEIR way or the highway and most people right now choose to let Apple spoonfeed them. That's sad. Most internet communities are about openness and sharing resources and knowledge, apple is totally the opposite. If I had the skill, I would work night and day on the jb just to stick it to apple. That's not a good way to do business, it's a way to build a dependent empire of slaves. (IE all the ppl that will buy the worthless iPad).

We need to do this for the nature of the internet and so future companies don't do business this way.

Ok, that's my soapbox speech for the week. I've already decided, if my jb fails in the future, I will go to verizon and to android. I'm gonna sell my iPhone for it's price plus breaking my contract. It's so sad, people will jump on it.

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