Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gun Control

2 posts I had with a friend on gun control after the "Batman Massacre." He didn't really have a side I guess.

1.  What's your stance Steve? Do you have one? It's so true, like the article says, you have to take into account the country's background, history, and the sociology of each country. Taking that into account, certain large populations here don't take kindly to the law much less answer honestly when asked about anything. I also think as a society, the US is such a disrespectful country as a whole that I hardly ever have felt safe (maybe that's my problem). Since college, I took my gun licensing exam, practiced at the range, got the concealed carry license (valid in some states), and have educated all that would like to learn the basics of using and safety features to look for in a gun. In our society, that's the only thing that's going to make us safer, education. I've always owned since then, yep, even in Chicago. I for one, feel much safer with it than without it. It's not something to fear if you know how to use it and how it works ... well, unless someone who shouldn't have one is right in front of you.

2.  That's the heart of the matter right there. Guns "can" kill people but it's the person, mentally and physically, who actually pulls the trigger. Ultimately, it is the person who does the killing whether bc of mental illness, lack of knowledge, or plain stupidity. I for one say, bring on the gun laws! And ban the assault rifles. Come on! There's no reason for that at all.

As long as single shot rifles, pistols, and perhaps semi autos (which most handguns are anyway) are in some way accessible for the consumer who has taken an active part in training and learning about what they are actually getting, I will support it. But an outright ban? That will just turn us all into victims sooner or later (in this country).

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