Sunday, July 1, 2012

This was my reply to Shelly Palmer's article on how Verizon's Share Everything Plan was going to be "about the same" cost as current plans:

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Forgive me Shelly, I call you out as a lier on this. You shouldn't be judging this new plan on what you and I as techies use but as the general population uses. Most ppl I know use a basic calling plan with low minutes (no one wants to talk anymore or they just wait until free night and weekend times), they have the basic 2 gig data plan, and they have or have no txt messaging vs free texting services or google voice/Facebook.

Normal access right now for these things are around 70 bucks plus tax. Go to Verizon's share everything calculator and you will see this at a minimum (2gig data) is 100 bucks not including tax!

That is in fact, an unreasonable increase! Add Texting for those not savvy enough for free texting services and that's even more!

No one I know that uses YouTube frequently or even infrequently can stay under 2 gigs either.  Not to mention if they are Netflix or streaming radio subscribers which push them close or over the cap.

In fact, for my data conserving girlfriend, she gets really close or over the 2 gig limit on AT&T using her iPhone so often we're thinking about switching her to the 3 gig plan. It's not easy to stay under 2 gigs and it's almost impossible to stay under 1. I think you are seriously wrong on this issue and you should shout from the rooftops how Verizon is going to be gauging customers in the near future rather than helping or remaining "about the same" as the current plans.

That's just wrong, and that's a fact.  Thank you.

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