Thursday, July 26, 2012

This was a response to Dwight Silverman's article on travel tech. Just some suggestions on how I use GPS apps on my iPhone and how a combination ends up working better than just one.

Recently I’ve travelled a lot too. On ios, mapquest has become a free app lately and I find that dead on when giving me the routes that are best and giving me lots of clear verbal instructions. I used to use Waze all the time but in the northeast it’s instructions aren’t the best and in jersey, can have you going around in circles. Not good one tired morning. I had to break out the mio standalone gps to get out of the area. Waze does tell you where accidents are and more importantly, where traffic jams end. I usually plug my iPhone in and turn both apps on. Get my directions from MQ and leave Waze on just for the crowd sourced traffic reports. Tag team! How bout that?

As an add-on note, I can't forget Slacker with the ~3.99 a month subscription to get rid of commercials. This makes my road trips that much more enjoyable.  It's also great to mention how i can use all these apps at the same time.  When traffic directions are given, the music is automatically lowered. It's great, I leave my phone plugged into the car stereo all the time!  It's worth the few seconds of trouble (no bluetooth in my vehicle).

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